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A Bit about Altars

A Bit about Altars


Altar Speak:

An Altar is a mode of communication between this shared reality and the unseen realms. A place or surface where items of perceived value, importance, or symbology are placed to indicate a request, communication, or offering to the spiritual realms. Altars exist in different capacities across the globe and throughout time. In modern Western secular spiritual understandings, in which Altar Metals exists, an altar is a place to indicate to the higher powers of one’s understanding, or to one’s ancestors, a degree of devotion, offering, love, or intention to call certain energies, powers, and strengths into one’s life. 



Altar vs. Alter:

An altar is a system for spiritual work, consisting typically of a specialized table, shelf, or cabinet, upon which items are placed for their symbolism and metaphysical value depending on the beliefs of the altar maker.  Merriam Webster: noun : “a table-like construction used in the Christian church in celebrating the Eucharista table or place which serves as a center of worship or ritual


Alter is a verb meaning generally to change, or it refers to differentiation. 

Merriam Webster: verb “to make different without changing into something else”


However the middle English spelling of Altar is Alter, and anyway the two words have undeniably similar roots. One could even go so far as to say one of the uses of an altar is to alter one’s reality through use of ritual objects and offerings to the spiritual realms.