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Metal Recycling Program

Recycle your Silver or Gold!

I use as much recycled metal as I can, to keep from buying freshly mined metals as much as possible. I believe in the power of transformation, and I think that reworking the metals already aboveground is the best way to create new things! So do you have a stockpile of silver jewelry that you haven’t worn in 20 years? Things that are out of style, and tarnished beyond recognition? (Well you could clean them, but there are other exciting options too.)


You can recycle your precious metals with me, for a store credit equal to 90% of your metals current market value. This credit can be used on my website or at any live market I attend. Or if you just want a check in the mail, I will write you a check for 85% of the current market value of your metal. This program applies to sterling silver, fine silver, platinum, and gold. The fees go toward either paying a refinery if I choose not to refine the metal myself, or for the labor involved in turning your metals back into workable materials. Email me to get the process started at

Or if you want to instantly repurpose your metal, or you’re recycling something sentimental, I can turn it into something new for you, with a starting rate of $200 for the refining process. One time, I turned someone’s Grandmother’s gold tooth crowns and a couple of mom’s gold rings into a new wedding band. It was so much fun! Contact me at to hear more about custom work. 



Email me to start jewelry recycling!