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Nothing is invincible, not even metal, and sometimes, jewelry components do bend or break. Be gentle with your handmade jewelry, but don’t be afraid to wear it, either. If something happens to your jewelry and it needs repair, or you just needs an ear-wire straightened out, just send me an email at and I will be happy to repair it for you. At my discretion I may charge for a repair if it is not a production issue that caused the problem. You will pay for shipping the jewelry to me but return shipping will be on me. 


Replacement Earrings

If you lose an earring I will happily replace it, as long as it is possible to recreate (sometimes I can't get a replacement stone exactly the same) and you will be charged the cost of one earring according to current metal prices, as metal prices are rising rapidly these days, especially silver. 


Do-It-Yourself Tip!

  • If your earring wires get a little bent out of shape, find a curved form to reshape the earring to. If it is a pair of earrings with a French style wire, take a pen and put the ear-wire around it. Press the wire to the pen to reshape the curve that goes through your ear. Then use your fingers to straighten out the longer part, and get everything back into alignment. 
  • To reshape a pair of hoops, find something that fits just inside of the hoop like a bottle, bottle neck, or flashlight, and use that to press the hoop around the form with your fingers to reshape it.