In stock items are available and ready to ship! In stock items are available and ready to ship!

handmade recycled silver and bronze intentional jewelry adornments for the body and altar accoutrements for your magical practice. Made with eco-friendly studio practices. Unique, modern, nature-inspired Artisanal handcrafts made using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Simple designs made slow and made well.

    Handmade Intentionally

    Functionality and beauty are equally prioritized.

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    Made Slowly, With Love

    Altar Metals pieces are hand finished, conserving resources and ensuring a loving touch.

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    Ally & Alloy

    These metals are just waiting for your magic

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    With Nature in Mind

    made with low-environmental-impact studio practices and recycled materials

    our sustainability statement
    Tools for Transformation

    Tools for Transformation

    Hand made fine altar accoutrements to assist your devotional practices.

    Made to Harmonize with Earth

    Made to Harmonize with Earth

    Studio practices are carefully considered for their impact on human and environmental health.


    • July 27, 2021 A Bit about Altars
      A Bit about Altars An altar is a system for spiritual work, consisting typically of a specialized table, shelf, or cabinet, upon which items are placed for their symbolism and metaphysical value depending on the beliefs of the altar maker. 
    • June 14, 2021 Too Much for the "About" Section...
      Too Much for the "About" Section... I make jewelry and metal objects because I want these beautiful things in my life that I can’t seem to find or afford anywhere else, plus it fulfills a need for a life’s purpose, and ultimately, finishing a beautiful piece of jewelry is deeply satisfying. 
    • June 14, 2021 What is Metalsmithing?
      What is Metalsmithing? Metalsmithing. A wholly engulfing set of tools and tricks and feelings and techniques that captured me instantly.
    • April 05, 2021 Impromptu Altars
      Impromptu Altars I am constantly altering the altars I have around the house, to alter my state of mind...


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