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Endless Lily Ring


Hand-formed recycled silver ring inspired by calla lilies. As in the ouroboros, in which the beginning is also the end, the endless lily signifies the cyclical nature of everything we perceive to be binary or linear. 

Made from recycled sterling silver, this ring was hand formed using traditional metalsmithing techniques invented for making goods like teapots and cutlery. The ring starts out as a flat piece of silver sheetmetal and is formed around graduated sizes of indentations on a forming tool with a variety of specialty hammers. The process is called anticlastic hollow forming. 

this ring measures .2 inches wide at the widest point. 

The silver is textured, oxidized, and tumbler polished to create a darker silvery sheen that looks better the more you wear it.

This design is available in many sizes, but more sizes can be requested by special order. Contact me to request a different size and I'll be happy to accommodate you! 

Handcrafted in a Nicasio, California studio.