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Meditation Pendant- Element


Cultures from all ages around the globe have recognized four elements as essential to all of life, yet distinct enough to deserve separate honors. These elements work in harmony to create the whole. 

This is a heavy cast sterling silver pendant on a hand dyed, hand braided Ahimsa Silk cord, with a permanent closure that sits at the back of the neck. The cords come in many colors, and three lengths, so that you can find the length that fits over your head. 


The intention for the Meditation Pendants is wholeness and balance, and this principle went into the design of the necklace at every level. All of the parts are integrated beautifully, and can stand alone too. There is no clasp, but you can remove the cord, and the pendant can function as a meditation piece for your hand, your magic pouch, or your altar. 


 The pendant measures .77 inch, or 20 mm in diameter and .32 inch or 8 mm thick. Its pretty heavy, weighing in at over half an ounce!

The cord is offered in three lengths, 24, 26, and 28 inches. The closure is fixed and it will need to be able to slip over your head. 24 inches is long enough to fit over lots of heads, and 28 will fit over even more. 

If you need a longer one, or would like a lobster clasp for your necklace, just let me know and I'm happy to make one that works for you! Just add a note in the Special Instructions box on the Cart page. 



Choose the black color cord for a more affordable option. This is a cotton cord with two slipknots so you can adjust the length to fit over your head and choose the length you like to wear. Its a more casual look than the silk cords but still sturdy and functional. 


 The silver is textured, oxidized, and tumbler polished to create a darker silvery sheen that looks better the more you wear it.

Elements of this piece were cast in San Francisco, and all finishing and assembly was hand done in a Nicasio, California studio.