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Raindrop Post Earring


Lightweight, hand formed recycled sterling silver earrings with a textured, patinaed surface and hollow interior. 

This silver earring drips like rain from your ear, a reminder of our most familiar liquid blessing.

These simple post earrings are as unique as they are easy to wear. In their simplicity, they pair well with many other styles for layering of adornments, and compliment the body with their simplicity and subtle curves. The seam visible on the front of the earring is left as evidence of the work that led to their form, and to symbolize the transition between interior and exterior.

They measure 1.4 inches long, and .2 inches wide at their widest point.

These earrings are available with either a small, 5mm earnut (earring back), or a large 9mm earnut. The small ones are more discrete, but the larger ones provide more support for thin or older earlobes. 

The silver is textured, oxidized, and tumbler polished to create a darker silvery sheen that looks better the more you wear it.

Handcrafted in a Nicasio, California studio.