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Tongs Silver


A patinated, recycled sterling silver handmade pair of tongs made for holding incense burning coals while you light them.  

They measure 5.25 inches long, and 1.75 inches wide.

They will warm up as you hold the hot coal near a flame, and if you feel they are getting too hot just put the coal down and give the tongs a chance to cool off a little.

note: This piece may tarnish over time or contact with interesting materials, and you may wish to polish it with a non-toxic metal polishing solution. If you are using them to light coals, they will develop a thick black soot on the tips, which can be cleaned with denatured alcohol or similar cleaning agent, and abrasive scrubbers. 

caution: not considered food safe

Handcrafted in a Nicasio, California studio.